Friday, 5 June 2015

It's Reunion time

After ages it seems, I am back in my dream city. Yes, you are right, Mumbai. The magic doesn't lie in the city, the bunch of friends I have, who stood by me when life was going against me. The city has charm, because my friends are there.
There is a famous saying..THE SHOW MUST GO ON. When my coming back get confirmed, I happily called up my friends in Mumbai, to share them my news. They all said that another friend who went abroad is also coming back, after 4-5 days of my scheduled arrival. I was in, like "Great....let's have a blast" kind of mood.
It was my second journey by air, even though the 1st one was not so eventful, as I was preoccupied with the worst things of my life, in my mind and didn't bother to look out of the window to see the clouds and sky. This second journey was horrible and funny, with dad's childlike jokes and questions, because he was traveling for the first time.
Finally we landed in Mumbai, checked out and boarded an auto to reach my small room, which is my home away from home. The very next day, again a round of calls were made to my gang, to let them inform my arrival.

Mumbai the city that taught me LIFE...

I wonder, the day I landed here for the first time...It was drenched with rain and smelling awesome. Awesome?? Really? Yess..Because I love rain like a crazy little girl, no matter how old I am right now. I was awake almost through out my journey from Hyderabad. In the midnight the train halted at a place and I came to see fog outside. It was not the usual time of fog, as there was no rain and winter that time. I closely observed the station name and saw Lonavla...I said like what?? Is it this, really? Like a lost child I was wondering in my mind that what if I get down here and see the place, but I did not. I stopped my mind rather and continued the journey. The night looked amazing outside, when I peeked down the city of Pune from the hilltop. The journey through the tunnel was beautiful and left me speechless, stars and the twinkling lights of the city really won my heart.
I love travelling, alone or with family doesn't matter, but I love to explore places, people and cultures in short. Then the train started chugging down the hill and kept its pace and I don't know when I reached Dadar station. My friend came to pick me up and I happily got down to explore more of my dream city. Yes, Mumbai is my dream when I was a little girl still to finish school. We then hired a rickshaw and made the journey to his place. It was a short drive of around half an hour. Getting rested for few hours, my exploration of the city started.
After like ages I again came to this city to attend an interview at IIT Mumbai, then I came here with my brother. We had some sightseeing. Went to gateway of India, Juhu beach, Mahalaxmi Temple and then my stay became permanent. We rented a place and started going to work, intially it was scarry and I was nervous. But the people at work and my Boss made life happy at office. Eventually my brother went away and I started living all alone in this big city. I got new friends and life went on.
I kept changing jobs and, making new friends. They became like like a virtual family of mine, sharing the ups and downs of my life and never leaving me alone.
Destinty plays a great role in making or breaking your life, but for me it tested my patience. After 2 years of being in Mumbai, I got the shock of my life. My mother has been diagnosised with severe cardiac ailment and surgery was needed. I went to help her recover, stayed there post surgery and came back. But then tragedy has to strike again, my Dad got a brainstroke right after 3 months and I lost all the faith I was putting up to be strong. I caught my first flight the next morning and flew to Bhubaneswar and then by bus to Berhampur, where he was admitted. After that we shifted him to Vishakhapatnam for a month and he recovered a lot. When we got him to Berhampur, Mom was scared seeing him so fragile. Then exactly after 2 weeks Mom left us forever, wondering to pick our own pieces. I was speechless as to whom I would console?
It was a long way, I held my family together and got Dad to Mumbai for rehab..really life was tough and Mumbai taught me to be strong and holdon...

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Another Saturday at Office and yummy food by colleagues

It's another Saturday, as we all planned to have a complete menu of lunch, which is made by each of us. Today's recipe was Fried rice / Pulav, Aloo paratha, Surprise by Pihoo and yes Papad by me. In the morning we all were giggling about lunch time. When it arrived we started opening our boxes and serving each other. As usual Phulwa was out of the team and we dint bother to ask what she got. But, again she started asking for what we all got, some people doesn't know how to maintain relations. Moreover lunch was awesome.
One of my old colleague from my last company came for an interview. We were chatting at lunch when he was having his interview. The food was delicious, oops! i got scolded by my friends.. Guess why? Because, I forgot to take salad, I said sorry and the next weeks menu got decided on the table.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Miss you my gals Gang

It seems as if met you all yesterday and you became a very significant part of my life. Life was never so full of fun and yet serious with work, until I bumped into you all... It started from formal introductions and now it feels like we are family. Sharing joys, sorrows, little mischief and so much that happened in these 7 months was incredible to define..

Life is never bed of roses, if it would not be true then I might not be missing you gals so much, even if i have more than a week to spend with you all. Our Saturday lunch started as a fun thing, but became a tradition with time. Every time something new came up to tickle our taste buds and we enjoyed with full heart. Sharing  food was so great, when you have such a great company. Seriously speaking, I never waited for 1 o'clock in my life so eagerly. When I met you all, its like craving to have food at 1 PM and on Sundays, my appetite goes in dormant mode, as I don't have anyone to share the food I cook.

Our last lunch was awesome and thank you to Pihoo, Dhanno, Greendress and Ghazni part2.. hope you all don't mind putting up your office name.. :) I love these names, they would always remain in my heart. It was one of the great times we had. I know the other lunches were awesome as well, but this one is special, as its my last lunch with you all.

Hope it continues for all of you, still If I am not there. I would miss your calls, when I would take a unplanned leave and get sick. No one would call me up and ask, "Hey what happened why are you absent at work today?". With your care that was laced with fun, there is no one to compete you all. for the first time I met a gang of gals, who never used to fight. My fights with Ghazni were more of fun, as per Dhanno, we were named as the Saas-bahu of office. I will miss you Sasu maa... a lot..

We would have Veg Biryani next Saturday, straight out from our Boss's kitchen. yippie... We have a wonderful boss, we are treated with desserts every Saturday after lunch with the special Kulfi...

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Welcome Winter

I love rain but its amazing to walk in the fog and feel the sensation it creates. We all love snuggling up in our cozy beds and quickly run out of time, while dragging ourselves out of the bed.

Mumbai and winters were very irrelevant but this year, I feel the angel has been very happy and showering her foggy blankets to cover up the town. Anyways, i skip breakfast, i reach late to office and of course I miss making lunch sometimes, as I cant run in parallel with my clock.This winter fairy is making sleep a very pleasant experience that I never enjoyed in my entire life.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Love Vs Ego

Does Ego weighs down Love? Who cares in this world about love, forget about true love. Everyone is busy building their own world, they seldom look through the window and notice a regular face smiling everyday at them.

There are hell lot of problems and a world full of worries, still somewhere we carve for a serene place, a calm person to hug us tight and whisper the magical words that turn our universe upside down. Yeah! You are right "I Love You". These words have a spark in them, if you are a person whose heart doesn't only pumps blood, but got emotions churning out every now and then.

You must be wondering, what Gyaan am I going to offer you at this moment? Chill!!! there is nothing a person like me is going to brag about, rather than a set of broken stories that end up nowhere.

Today people run after materialistic goals, ignoring that special someone, who secretly pray for their success and always in the lookout to make you smile. They don't value love, compared to money, fame and personal pleasure.

I came across a guy who never believed in love. He supposed to think that only fools do fall in love. One day through a matrimonial website, he received a call from a pretty gal and voila! it kick started their love story.

When you are in love, care for the special human being in your life. Maintain your self respect and stand tall, but never let Ego spoil the sweetness of your relationship. It is impossible to find love, in today's haywire life style, but if you got that then, I bet you, you are in no point going to lose him/ her.

Love is God's most wondrous gift and no person in a sound mind would ever have the guts to deny the gift. In love two people become one, least bother about your callous ego and enjoy the sweetest feelings you have in the secret chambers of your heart.

Be happy, stay healthy and love as you would never ever lose that person for a fraction of second. Life is not a bed of roses, but together we can walk over the thorns barefoot, until you hold my hands for eternity.

Enjoy life, do love a lot. See you with some interesting stories on my next post...

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Painting is not that tough follow your heart to enjoy the art !!!!!

Did i say something wrong? Noo... you are right, painting is not a tough job, but it definitely demands a lot of dedication and a creative soul. Learning the basics are part of your growing years, as when in school, you might have made animals, fruits, birds and flowers on the drawing book. After that we all drift away from the paper and pencil, forgetting what painting or drawing used to be?

There are various mediums of painting, usually people take up;

  • Water colors
  • Crayons
  • Oil paints
  • Ceramic colors
  • Pastel painting
Again the need to explore with the base also varies from person to person. Either you use paper, canvas, glass, wood and clay or cloth. The world is your oyster is the best saying to explore the colorful world of painting.

Pick what medium you love then start drawing and sketching randomly. Once you are a bit familiar with controlling the pencils and brushes, you can definitely be able to begin painting.

Water colors are the best to start experimenting with colors. I loved it in school, but now bit liberal to use acrylic and other materials as well. 

To collect the right size of brush is a must, as it controls how much color you are going to apply on the canvas. a zero size, size 2 and 6 are the minimum requirement for this activity.
Get inspired by everything around you and try to imitate it over the paper. I fondly recollect visiting paddy fields and deserted roads passing through the jungle; which my Art teacher used to escort us to. Being in a boarding school, it was a sense of freedom i used to experience, whenever i stepped out from the main gate, but I used to wonder, why does my teacher used to make us visit the places.

In spite of the happiness and sense of freedom; out of curiosity i asked him "Sir, why do u take us out once in every month to show roads, cattle and mountains that we can see right from the open terrace of school?" He smiled and said, "i don't want you to see a picture and paint the same on everyone's canvas, I want you all to enjoy painting, whatever fascinates you just bind it in your sketchbook, because what touches your heart will remain forever with you."

 His words touched my soul and till now the beautiful scenes he had shown us on the short trips are etched in my mind. I can visualize the cattle grazing there, the little boy looking after them and distant red flowers peeking from the mountain tops. I painted an elegant dancing lady under a tree and flowers showering over her. Till now I can't believe that I have done that thing!!! Her posture, color of the costume, jewelry and everything around her was impossible to be captured so neatly by a 12 years old girl, who really doesn't know much about the art.

I am not a great painter, I paint to be happy, because I love colors, people, places and everything that inspires me.